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Building communities

Circle helps communities better their engagements, work smarter, and grow.

Circle helps communities better their engagements, work smarter, and grow.

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How it works in five easy steps


Set up an account for your organisation.


Publish events, bookings, merchandise, memberships and much more.


Make sure everyone knows about you and your activity.


Let Circle manage your orders and bookings whilst money is collected online and in-person.


Fulfil orders whilst you reconcile at the touch of a button.

Fund generation Reporting Back office Fundraising Transparency

made easy

Fund generation made easy Reporting made easy Back office made easy Fundraising made easy Transparency made easy

Aim higher. Do more.

Channel your efforts on what matters most – your core cause. We will do the rest.
  • Enhance member engagement
  • Streamline administrative workflow
  • Delegate responsibility whilst strengthening oversight
  • Achieve a more transparent operation
  • Discover new avenues for fund generation

What’s in it for you?

Improve fundraising outreach by being always on and accessible from everywhere.
  • Easily create and publish your initiatives online in minutes
  • Automatically issue acknowledgements, invoices and receipts carrying your logo
  • Generate and export activity and customer reports
  • Promote your activity on Facebook, WordPress and other channels through effective integration tools
  • Rent equipment and facilities online, set up an appointment system
  • Process personal and financial data safely and in compliance with regulations
  • Benefit from enhanced traceability through in-built checks and balances

Simple yet powerful interface

Circle is designed with simplicity in mind. You will get going in minutes. 

The specially designed backend provides you with the tools to create simple to complex campaigns, manage orders and generate reports anytime from anywhere. 

To help you get the most out of the platform you can consult the documentation and reach out to our support – always happy to help.

Payments become a breeze

Avail of tools to collect, automate, and document member payments.
Choose the payment methods that best suit your community and activity.

easy, secure online payment

Accept instant VISA, MasterCard and PayPal payments at any time and from anywhere

in-person and bank transfer

Accept offline payments in cash, cheque, and bank transfer whilst automating filing processes and issuing receipts

A full circle solution

 Circle has changed the way we think and go about our fundraising activities. We have saved many hours of admin work as data is now entered directly by the parents and neatly stored and reconciled by the system. 

Providing parents with the opportunity to pay online has allowed the school to achieve better cashflow and boost its fundraising.

The platform has enabled us to be more accessible, efficient and transparent.

Lino Azzopardi
Bursar, St Paul’s Missionary College

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The clever way to engage with communities

Trusted and efficient

 From sports clubs and interest groups, to charities and educational institutions, Circle helps communities reach further and maximise their impact.

We make sure it happens

Get complete visibility on the state of your transactions whilst all your data is safely processed and stored.

Get immediate confirmation and receipts for all your online and offline transactions.

Now that’s useful!

Circle offers a simple and intuitive channel for hassle-free engagements with your community.

Commit to community initiatives at any time from anywhere and settle your payments through multiple channels including online, in person or direct bank transfer.