Allied Rainbow Communities

VO No: VO/1136

19, Triq San Mark,

Valletta VLT1362

Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) was established in mid 2015, arc's motto "belong grow and contribute" reflects arc's mission to foster a sense of belonging and growth within the LGBTIQ+ community leading to a positive contribution to general society. arc's areas of work mainly revolve around Pride, Health, Communication and Social Activities.  Since its inception in mid 2015 arc has: - Organised a variety of  LGBTIQ social events (Cultural, Social & Sport) - Published a study on LGBTIQ health in Malta. - Participated & co-ordinated Malta Pride. - launched an online LGBTIQ information spot. - Raised funds to finance health, youth and advocacy  projects. - Distributed HIV Self-test kits to the community. - Launched an HIV/SAI Educational campaign. - Collaborated with other entities and NGOs on common initiatives. - Been active in social policy, white paper discussions and development. arc is a registered voluntary organisation VO no 1136. arc submits all annual returns to the voluntary organisation commissioner in accordance to Maltese Law.

Allied Rainbow Communities

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