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Circle has changed the way we go about our fundraisers. We are reaching more people and saving many hours on admin work. Transactions are now automatically organised and reconciled.

Lino Azzopardi
Bursar, St. Paul’s Missionary College

Photo: Gadgets TV Show

Circle has changed the way we go about our fundraisers. We are reaching more people and saving many hours on admin work. Transactions are now automatically organised and reconciled.

Lino Azzopardi
Bursar, St. Paul’s Missionary College

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How it works in five easy steps

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memberships | social events | kits
donations | merchandise


We help you set up your community on Circle and integrate your prefered payment methods.


Use Circle to publish your campaigns. These can be events, publications, kits, membership, donations, you name it...


Use Facebook, email or your website to communicate your activity to the world.


Let Circle manage your orders and bookings whilst money is collected online and in-person.


Fulfil orders whilst you reconcile at the touch of a button.

Aim higher. Do more.

Channel your efforts on what matters most – your core cause. We will do the rest.
  • Enhance member engagement
  • Streamline administrative workflow
  • Delegate responsibility whilst strengthening oversight
  • Achieve a more transparent operation
  • Discover new avenues for fund generation

What’s in it for you?

Improve fundraising outreach by being always on and accessible from everywhere.
  • Easily create and publish your initiatives online in minutes
  • Automatically issue acknowledgements, invoices and receipts carrying your logo
  • Generate and export activity and customer reports
  • Promote your activity on Facebook, WordPress and other channels through effective integration tools
  • Rent equipment and facilities online, set up an appointment system
  • Process personal and financial data safely and in compliance with regulations
  • Benefit from enhanced traceability through in-built checks and balances

Circle was the perfect solution for our annual Halloween fundraiser. It is easy to use and exceptionally flexible. We were able to raise funds in so many ways.

J.B. Barthet
Founder of SHHH! Hotel initiative
In aid of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Malta

Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

 Circle was the perfect solution for our annual Halloween fundraiser. It is easy to use and exceptionally flexible. We were able to raise funds in so many ways. 

 J.B. Barthet
Founder of SHHH! Hotel initiative
In aid of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Malta

Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Simple yet powerful interface

Circle is designed with simplicity in mind. You will get going in minutes. 

The specially designed backend provides you with the tools to create simple to complex campaigns, manage orders and generate reports anytime from anywhere. 

To help you get the most out of the platform you can consult the documentation and reach out to our support – always happy to help.

Payments become a breeze

Avail of tools to collect, automate, and document member payments.
Choose the payment methods that best suit your community and activity.

easy, secure online payment

Accept instant VISA, MasterCard and PayPal payments at any time and from anywhere

in-person and bank transfer

Accept offline payments in cash, cheque, and bank transfer whilst automating filing processes and issuing receipts

A full circle solution

experience the platform – explore the DEMO circles

The clever way to engage with communities

Trusted and efficient

 From sports clubs and interest groups, to charities and educational institutions, Circle helps communities reach further and maximise their impact.

We make sure it happens

Get complete visibility on the state of your transactions whilst all your data is safely processed and stored.

Get immediate confirmation and receipts for all your online and offline transactions.

Now that’s useful!

Circle offers a simple and intuitive channel for hassle-free engagements with your community.

Commit to community initiatives at any time from anywhere and settle your payments through multiple channels including online, in person or direct bank transfer.


Circle is a simple and comprehensive campaign management platform for organised communities. 

Circle is intended for organisations that bring together people sharing a common purpose. We equally welcome NGOs and commercial setups and we have no particular restrictions on size and activity intensity. We are after a longer-term relationship where our service can develop with your needs as you grow.

We do not accept communities whose activities are related to unregulated or illegal products and services. We also reserve the right to refuse communities if we perceive a conflict with our ethos. To this effect, we do not welcome gambling, hate groups, and flat earthers.

Circle is not an eCommerce marketplace, a crowdfunding platform or a ticketing platform for large events. For those activities, we suggest opting for the more specific solutions offered by other great Maltese tech companies.

You can start your circle immediately by opening a free or trial account. Just make sure that you are mandated to act on behalf of your community.

If you plan to accept online payments, you will need to be recognised by the payment services provider supported by us –  PayPal. You will need to submit documentation and undergo a KYC (Know Your Client) process – typically cleared within two days. During this period you will be allowed to collect money but not withdraw.  The organisation must also have a bank account (business account).

No. Circle is not a substitute to an organisation’s website or Facebook page. 

Campaigns on your Circle can be embedded easily in your current website pages or Facebook posts and your users will be diverted to the platform only to engage and effect a payment.

When you join Fuzilli you are also assigned a shop page with a dedicated URL ( showing all your active campaigns.

We adopt the best industry standards and are fully committed to complying with GDPR obligations to ensure maximum protection of user and community data. Our policy is to collect as little data as needed when serving communities and their followers. We never share user data unless this forms part of community engagements as defined in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  

No, Circle is not a payment service provider. We are a software company that serves communities with tools to administer campaigns. When it comes to payments, as part of our services, we offer tools that integrate licensed third-party payment services such as PayPal. Circle does not process or store community money (escrowing). We do not have access to credit card numbers and bank details arising from transactions between users and communities.

We have put a lot of effort into making the interface simple, intuitive and user-friendly whilst giving you very powerful tools to grow your activity. We think that using Fuzilli is not any harder than learning how to use other common web services such as Facebook.

Circle is a software product hosted on the cloud (internet based) offered as a service to many communities at once. In simple words, this means that you, as a community leader or staff, will only deal with an easy web interface whilst we take care of all the technology behind the scenes.

We do understand that new things can be challenging especially for busy people. Our support, accessible through various channels, is always keen to assist especially for the first campaigns. We also offer free training sessions for leaders and their teams.

You can always give it a try for free!

Circle is a web-based platform for community organisations.  This means that communities share the same technology infrastructure. On the other hand, it offers users the convenience of engaging with multiple communities with a single user account.

Joining a platform brings many benefits, amongst others:

  • Ready to start using when and if you need. There is no initial capital outlay.
  • Despite that communities tend to be small, their collective activity creates enough demand to justify complex development, proper hardware and hosting, third-party integrations and safety measures.
  • Over time, users will become familiar with the interface making it easier for new communities and their followers to join the platform.
  • Pricing is transparent and highly predictable.
  • We are constantly improving as we learn from our communities. Upgrades and maintenance are part of the service and entail no additional cost.
  • You can learn with other communities as you try new ways of engaging your followers.

Yes. Circle can be used for free campaigns including events, products and bookings.  

Find the right solution for your community


All the essentials to start
community engagements
  • Branded community shop
  • PayPal & offline payments
  • Automated email + PDF invoices
  • Up to 5 concurrent simple campaigns
  • Custom fields to collect user data
  • Customer database + Excel reports
  • Stock & availability management


For the small community
with big ambitions
49* per month
  • Payment gateway integration of choice
  • Coupon promotions and credit
  • Up to 12 concurrent advanced campaigns
  • Visual reports
  • Additional staff accounts (option)
  • Facility & resource booking + calendar (option)


For seasoned communities
seeking greater outreach

Let's talk

  • White label - Your brand and colours
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Automated memberships
  • Facility and resource bookings
  • Ticketed events
  • 3+ staff accounts
  • Onsite training
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