Tlaqna ‘Barra

6.00 10.00

Attivita tal-Harifa ghall-Familja Kollha


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Community : St. Paul's Missionary College
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The activity, Tlaqna ‘l barra, will take us out of our school grounds as we head towards Mdina to come to know our Founder more. We shall be led by members of the MSSP who will guide us throughout the morning.

We meet for the celebration of Sunday Mass at 10.00am however you’re welcome to come from 9.00am onwards if you wish to have breakfast at school! We shall of course stop for lunch, as our Canteen will be preparing food for us and later on in the afternoon children will have their own treasure hunt as a follow up on what they would have seen and heard whilst touring parts of Mdina. You may of course join them, however at that time you will also be able to have tea, coffee and purchase something good from our canteen. The whole activity will come to a close at around 4pm.

We encourage you to book in time whilst giving us your preference of food as we need to prepare in the coming days. May you please book by not later than Monday 11th November. The attached circular provides you with the booking form. In the coming day or two we shall also give you the online link where you may be able to book and pay online too.

Welcome to St. Paul’s Missionary College.

St. Paul’s Missionary College was founded in 1964 and since then, driven by a Catholic ethos, has striven to inculcate Catholic values in its students and their families. The College motto: Instrue me et vivam, meaning: teach me and I will live, sets the stage for the work and ministry carried out at the College.